Azureheads 2022

Azureheads, December 2022

As the year 2022 drew to a close, I had the opportunity to be a first-time speaker at an Azureheads meetup. During my presentation, I focused on showcasing how someone can host, monitor, and test a WordPress site by utilizing Azure, Bicep, and GitHub. The repository mentioned can be found here.

Global Azure Athens 2023

Global Azure Athens, May 2023

In May 2023, I had the pleasure of speaking at the “Global Azure Athens” event. As a DevOps engineer, I addressed why and how we should embrace and integrate the development flow into cloud operations. It was an enriching experience connecting with professionals who share a passion for cloud computing, devops, and cutting-edge technologies in general. Here you can find the presentation and the corresponding repository.

Cloud Technology Tuesdays 2023

Cloud Technology Tuesdays, May 2023

Following the Global Azure event, I was invited to be a guest on George and Dimitris podcast, where we discussed a variety of topics related to DevOps, GitHub, and the cloud. The podcast on Spotify is included below, and the YouTube link is here.

Global Azure Athens 2024

Global Azure Athens, April 2024

In April 2024, having just received my Microsoft MVP award in the Azure Infrastructure as Code and DevOps categories, I had the pleasure of speaking at the “Global Azure Athens” event. The focus was on scaling Terraform configurations to address the evolving needs of expanding organizations. Attendees gained insights into overcoming the challenges of monolithic setups, embracing modularization on various stages and scopes, and implementing streamlined methodologies for code development, testing, and deployment. It was a rewarding session, fostering discussions on architecting resilient infrastructures tailored to the demands of modern cloud environments. The presentation can be found here.