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Azure Verified Modules

7 minute read

Azure Verified Modules (AVM) are standardized, supported Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules for deploying Azure resources, ensuring best practices and cons...


24 minute read

Discover the power of Testcontainers, a versatile library simplifying Docker container management for testing. Explore its mechanics, features, and practical...


5 minute read

Discover how pre-commit can automate code quality checks and improve your development workflow with practical examples.

Azure Resource Abbreviations

9 minute read

Efficiently manage Azure resource naming in an automated way. Keep your abbreviations up-to-date for a standardized approach.

Microsoft Kiota

10 minute read

Kiota is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of generating API clients for any OpenAPI-described API you’re interested in.

Protocol Buffers

20 minute read

Protocol Buffers, also known as protobuf, is a language-agnostic binary serialization format developed by Google. It enables efficient serialization and dese...

GitHub Packages

5 minute read

GitHub Packages is a package management service provided by GitHub. It allows developers to publish and consume software packages, including libraries, frame...

GitHub Secret Scanning

4 minute read

GitHub Secret Scanning is a tool that scans your code for secrets, including passwords, API keys, and other sensitive information. It integrates seamlessly w...

GitHub Dependabot

4 minute read

GitHub Dependabot is an automated dependency management tool integrated directly into GitHub repositories. It helps keep projects secure and up-to-date by au...

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Azure Chaos Studio

14 minute read

Explore Azure Chaos Studio, an essential tool in Chaos Engineering, designed to fortify cloud applications through deliberate fault injection and meticulous ...

Chaos Engineering

7 minute read

Discovering the principles and benefits of chaos engineering.

Azure Deployment Stacks

13 minute read

Explore the capabilities of Azure Deployment Stacks for seamless resource orchestration and enhanced control.

CI/CD Guide

15 minute read

Explore CI/CD practices and enhance your development workflow with this comprehensive guide.

GitHub Branch Protection Rules

7 minute read

Branch Protection Rules are a set of rules that can be applied to a branch in a GitHub repository to enforce best practices, streamline development processes...

GitHub Code Scanning

4 minute read

GitHub Code Scanning is a tool that analyzes your code for security vulnerabilities, providing actionable feedback to help you remediate issues quickly.

GitHub Actions: Permissions

5 minute read

In this blog post, we will take a detailed look at how someone can have granular control over the actions that their workflows take.

GitHub Actions: Workflows

6 minute read

In today’s post we go over the key components of a GitHub Actions workflow.


4 minute read

In today’s post we see how can someone manage Code Ownership in GitHub.

Plug-and-Play Hub

6 minute read

In today’s post we see how someone can deploy a hub containing all the standard, necessary resources.

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